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Frequently Asked Question's About Glass Scratch Removal

At Advanced Glass Scratch Repair we often get asked a number of questions about Removing Scratches from Glass. So we can help you better understand how the process works, here are some of the most common questions about Glass Scratch Removal.
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How Deep Can You Go with Glass Scratch Repair?
While it's difficult to measure exactly, we can say that the depth of glass scratches has never been a problem. If there is sufficient area to around the damage, we can remove the glass scratches without any discernible distortion.

Does Your Glass Scratch Removal Leave Any Visible Marks?
No! While many other glass scratch repair companies may leave hazing or swirls, our finished product leaves nothing but clear, flawless, high quality glass.

How Soon Can Advanced Glass Scratch Repair Fix My Glass?
Usually in the next 3-5 days!

Are You Insured?
Absolutely, although we have never had to process a single claim!

If I Am Located Outside Sydney, Can Advanced Glass Scratch Repair Fix My Glass?
Yes, we often find that because we are so much cheaper than the glass replacement costs it make sense to send our technicians all over the world.

How Long Does Glass Scratch Removal Take?
It depends, some jobs can take an hour, others last weeks. Just give us a quick call and we will come and give you some free advice.
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Advanced Glass Scratch Repair provides quality glass scratch 
repairs - call for a free quote on 0402 589 132.

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